Interview with Khinezin Win PEA ‘20


Khinezin Win PEA ’20: Untitled
Choreographer / Dancer: Khinezin Win

Q: Are there themes you find yourself repeating in dance or choreography? How do you approach these themes?

A: There aren’t any specific themes that I gravitate towards. Most of my choreography stems from my interpretation of the music and my mindset at a given time. However, I’ve noticed a pattern of a lot of self-exploration in my choreography. I tend to dig deep into themes about mental health connections with other humans and current events.

View Khinezin’s dance on Vimeo

Q: What does dance mean to you?

A: Dance is how I understand myself and the world around me.

“we are actors that don’t speak” “we speak with our energy, our facials, and our emotions that are being expressed through our movement, through our ligaments” “the song and you have to become one mirage”…



Q: How do you approach choreography, initially?

A: Dance choreography picks up on the emotion of the song and I purposely pick movements that bring the song to life. The details are EVERYTHING. It’s not just dancing to a bunch of beats with random movements. There’s a beauty that comes with a combination of paying attention of technique and accentuating every detail in a combo. A dance becomes so much more once you actually dance to it.


Q: How do you select music?

A: I think its fate that brings me to music. I don’t usually look for music; I let the music find me. Sometimes when I’m at a store or at a restaurant, I find myself creating choreo in my head to the background music. I try to look for the song online and then improv to it and try to create choreographs from there.

Khinezin Win is a recent graduate of Phillips Exeter Academy.

Interview conducted by Anne Chen PEA ‘22

Anne is a current student at Phillips Exeter Academy and a Lamont Gallery student proctor.


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