Dustin – Discovery – 1st Edition

Dustin – Discovery – 1st Edition
Gems from the Lamont Gallery Collection


The Lamont Gallery has a collection?  – Why yes, we do!

Over the years we have been going through the process of reorganizing our collection storage and reviewing the works that that we have.

Our Collections & Exhibitions Manager – Dustin Schuetz – has been making all sorts of fun discoveries while reviewing archive files and checking on the condition of the works in our collection.

In the summer of 2013 we had an exhibition titled Dust & Discovery which featured works from the Lamont Gallery collection that are rarely seen. You can read more about the exhibit on the archive page of our website and see images of the exhibition and events on our Flickr page.

In the spirit of that exhibition we have decided to start a regular posting of interesting, rarely seen items from our collection that Dustin discovers…. Dust & Discovery…. Dustin Discovery …. (see what we’ve done there). We hope you enjoy.

– Stacey Durand, Gallery Manager



Guillaume Cornelis van Beverloo
Born 03 July 1922; Liege, Belgium
Died 05 September 2010; Auvers-sur-Oise, France
Le Soleil Rouge, 1963
Edition 166/200

Better known under his pseudonym, Corneille studied at the Academy of Art in Amsterdam. Then in 1948 became a founding member of the CoBrA, Copenhagen (Co), Brussels (Br), Amsterdam (A), avant-garde movement, whose artists desired to break away from the existing art movements such as Naturalism and Abstraction.  Once the group disbanded in 1951 Corneille moved to Paris and began collecting African artifacts which directly influenced his imagery as seen on this 1963 lithograph titled, “Le Soleil Rouge” (166/200).

– Dustin Schuetz – Collections and Exhibitions Manager


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